Distintivo Verde

Green Badge

It is the highest level certified by SICCS.  It certifies the implementation of a very solid management system in all three areas, which is the objective of the companies that receive the red badge.

Distintivo Rojo

Red Badge

It is the intermediate level that certifies SICCS.  It certifies the availability of a consolidated management system.  This in turn is the goal of the companies that get the blue badge.

Distintivo Azul

Blue badge

It is the lowest level of the SICCS.  Certifies that the company has a basic management system.

Steps to acquire the SICCS certificate

turismo siccs

Step 1

Ask for information at the offices of the National Tourism Authority or the Chamber of Tourism in your respective country

Paso 2 - certificación siccs

Step 2

Sign your application and commitment to participate.

Paso 3 - certificacion siccs

Step 3

The implementation process of the system is carried out with the assistance of an advisor, this process can last from 3 to 9 months.

Paso 4 - certificación siccs

Step 4

Send the certification audit request to the ANT.

Paso 5 - certificaciones

Step 5

The SICCS Delegation of your country shall assign an auditor to carry out an evaluation audit.  This process may take from 15 days to a month.

Paso 6 - certificación siccs

Step 6

Once the audit report has been delivered to the National Technical Certification Committee (CTC), it may issue the opinion that leads to the certification level of the SICCS seal.

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