Objective of SICCS certifications

Work to develop the Central American Integrated Quality and Sustainability System has been framed within the dimensions of sustainable tourism development, which has required working under three fundamental principles:

Ecological sustainability

  • Ensuring that the system favours the maintenance or implementation of operational processes in companies aligned with the principles of environmental preservation.

Social and cultural sustainability

  • Ensuring that development is compatible with the culture and business values of the communities involved and helps to maintain and strengthen the corporate identity.

Economic sustainability

  • Ensuring that the companies involved have a factor that enhances their value and thus improves their position in the market while providing useful guidance for the management and delivery of services.

The quality of the SICCS seal is verified in three areas:


  1. Organization and quality management
  2. Management of resources
  3. Security management
  4. Marketing
  5. Management of operations Continuous monitoring and improvement.


  1. Environmental management of infrastructure
  2. Environmental management of operations
  3. Operations and activities


  1. Interacción con el entorno social local.
  2. Efectos inducidos en la sociedad.
  3. Alineamiento con las políticas regionales de rechazo a la explotación infantil y la prostitución.

The objective of SICCS, as an important tool for action on sustainable tourism consumption and production, is to promote continuous improvements in client management, environmental performance and corporate social responsibility through:

  • the implementation by them of this management system,
  • the systematic, objective and periodic evaluation of the functioning of the system,
  • open dialogue with the public and other stakeholders,
  • the active involvement of staff in organisations.

The SICCS standards set the minimum requirements for an integrated operational, environmental and social management system.

The system rewards progress made, recognising different levels of achievement.