Creating memorable and unique experiences for each of our guests is our goal and this is achieved by driving the constant improvement of quality in our services.  Sustainability in all its dimensions is part of the DNA of our company and this is achieved only with the commitment of the entire team through constant training.

The link between quality and sustainability is very powerful and is the foundation of our essence at Porta Hotels.  Hospitality on purpose.

It is of great value to do the work required to obtain the SICCS Seal, as it is an important tool that validates the effort, stimulates the recognition of opportunities for improvement and above all projects real commitment.

Andreas KuestermannDirector of Corporación Porta Hotels Guatemala

For Restaurante El Morito, the seal of quality is the support and engine that drives us every day to provide security to our customers, in the economic reopening caused by the closure of restaurants to COVID-19, SICCS was a source of confidence and inspiration for El Morito to be the national benchmark in Biosecurity of customer service and production processes, causing that to date our drive keep us at the forefront in the minds of our customers and be the reliable source of what should be done for the good of those who visit us.

Dr. Angrés EhrlerEl Morito’s Restaurant

We are Mi Viejo Ranchito Catarina, a typical Nicaraguan restaurant.  With SICCS we have reinvented ourselves as designers of experiences at the gastronomic, social, cultural and environmental levels.  Our team has cohesive, professionalized and implemented continuous improvement in all areas and processes of our organization.  We are characterized by providing a personalized and high quality service.

Mi Viejo Ranchito Catarina