¿What is SICCS?

It is a project to improve the quality of tourist destinations promoted by SITCA.   The Central American Tourism Council (CCT) is the highest authority of SICCS.  The SICCS is chaired by the Minister who holds the Presidency Pro Tempore of the Central American Tourism Council and an Executive Committee (EC) for its operational functioning with the support of the Chambers of Tourism of each country, which works with tourism companies/services of up to six different sectors, with the ultimate goal of improving the experience and satisfaction of tourists.

Supported by UNWTO and OAS

OMT – OAS The SICCS is a methodology that provides a comprehensive and permanent quality management system in a tourist destination with a new conception of the expected results, an approach to continuous improvement and an attitude of recovery and valorization of resources and space.

The SICCS is based on a comprehensive awareness of the destination and the identification of common objectives of the actors involved.

The SICCS aims to achieve a homogeneous level of quality in the services offered to tourists within the Central American Region, so that there are no substantial deficiencies in quality between the different products (agents) that make up the supply at the destination and, consequently, negative effects on the perception and satisfaction of tourists.

Among other tools, it has 6 best practice manuals, one for each sector.

It offers affiliated tourism companies/services a training plan, technical assistance visits by approved consultants, collective workshops, working groups that develop proposals for improvement of the destination and assessments that check the suitability of the company/service to quality standards.  All this culminates in obtaining the distinctive Commitment of Tourism Quality.

The Tourist Quality Commitment badge is awarded to tourism companies/services that have accredited compliance with the established requirements.  It is a recognition of the effort and commitment to quality and continuous improvement, while at the same time distinguishing the establishment from the competition.  The badge is valid for two years, but is subject to an annual follow-up assessment.