¿How is SICCS organised?

Governmental bodies

  • The governing body of the Central American Integrated Quality and Sustainability System SICCS is the Secretariat for Central American Tourism Integration – SITCA.
  •  The President of SICCS is the responsibility of the Minister who holds the Presidency Pro Tempore of the Central American Tourism Council.
  •  The SICCS shall have an Executive Committee (EC) for its operational functioning.

Executive Committee

Main generic functions of the Executive Committee

  • Set strategic guidelines for regulatory development, brand implementation and marketing objectives.
  •  Approve and support the plans derived from the strategies.
  •  Locate and manage financing for the brand.
  •  Follow up on the objectives set, establishing measures to correct deviations.

Governance structures of the Quality System Delegation of each country

In addition, each country has a government structure with representatives from the authorities, the chambers of tourism, a technical certification committee and a quality board.

Representatives of hotels, restaurants, tour operators, ground transportation, rent a car, standardization bodies, auditors and environmental management will also be present, among other elements that will vary from country to country.

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