On July 7, 2021, the Secretariat of Central American Tourism Integration will be holding an important workshop to discuss the quality of tourism for the improvement of tourism competitiveness in your company along with the presentation of the Central American Integrated Quality and Sustainability System (SICCS). This workshop aims to present the progress and benefits of the SICCS tourism certification in Central America, as well as at the level of each of the countries that make up the isthmus.

Within the framework of this event, which will last up to 3 hours via Zoom, we will have three masterclass talks on tourism innovation, promotion of destinations and the role played by tourism quality and certifications in each of these axes.

For the above, we ask you to register your company in this important event that will mark a before and after for your business management.

Program Details

Opening remarks of the workshop.
His Excellency Mr. Mynor Cordón, Minister of Tourism of Guatemala.

What is SICCS and how to apply? Advances and benefits of SICCS tourism certification.
Juan Miguel Moreno Magaña – Moreturismo Internacional .

Importance of quality and tourism certification for business competitiveness in Central America.
Certified Companies from Honduras and Guatemala.

Benefits of the tourism quality certification of companies for the promotion and promotion of destinations
José Enrique Jiménez – Expert in strategies and digital campaigns for Google and Facebook – Moretourism International.

National Workshops: Benefits of SICCS tourism certification
Delegates from Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Closing words of the workshop.
Ms. Aguilar – Executive Secretary of the Central American Tourism Integration Secretariat (SITCA).